Friday, March 26, 2010

Good Friday Potluck at Elaine's


Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas dinner at ivan and david's house

haven't decided what to make yet but there will be turkey :P

Friday, December 11, 2009

snowman cupcakes

the main ingredients! - butter, sugar, egg yolks.. mmm mmm healthy!

When we added the cake flour and baking powder in, it got really really thick, and we were getting pretty worried. Then the recipe called for us to "fold" in the egg whites. The mixture was SO thick though, so our folding just turned the mash into separate organ shaped, slime covered lumps. :S so we had to use the electric mixer to mix everything together....

Somehow the mixing helped, and eventually those weird slime lumps became cupcakes :) I think they were less remarkable than the ones we made for ian. It probably had to do with the fact that 1) I doubled the recipe, 2) I replaced orange juice with skim milk so that they wouldn't be orange flavoured.

This was our first born! I gave it to my sister but she didn't seem to like it very much ahha.

We used large marshallows, fluffy white whipped icing, assorted decorating tools like coloured sugar crystals, fruit rollups, chipits, heart sprinkles, regular sprinkles, string licorice, pretzel sticks, peach rings and party mints to create our snowmen... lol myles made the "pineapple head" one and matt made the "heart brains" one

odd looking cyclopses (cycleps?) and hexidecimal?

haha I made the one with oven mitts and the one with monkey ears. We decided to stick to only one level of marshmallows because the bigger ones were falling over, not to mention, we also couldn't figure out how we would transport them safely for the next day.

after a while we got sick of decorating, so the snowmen became weirder and weirder looking... haha myles made the one with the huge face, and karen made the one with the santa hat and the one with the girly bow.

tada! good job team :D

haha it's a snowmen army!

Monday, December 7, 2009

let's make snowman cupcakes

Gonna make some snowman cupcakes on Thursday night... probably at my house (my actual house) but... very very veeeery limited room.. sorry :(

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

meaty lasagna

1 package lean ground beef
1 jar ragu tomato pasta sauce
2 medium sized onions
4 cloves garlic
1 package catelli express lasagne noodles
1 package frozen chopped spinach
mozzarella cheese

The first step was to fry the ground beef. Meanwhile, Ally taught Myles how to dice the onions and mince the garlic. We let the beef cook and halfway through we put some of the onions in. After the beef had finished cooking, we drained the fat and added in the rest of the onions and the garlic. We let it cook all together for a couple of minutes.

While the beef, onion, and garlic were cooking, we shredded the cheese and thawed and drained the frozen spinach.

It was time for an ice cream sandwich break.

After the break, the tomato sauce and a little bit of water were added to the ground beef mixture and left to simmer for 10 minutes.

Now came the hard part - assembling the lasagna. We put a thin layer of the meat sauce at the bottom of the baking pan and topped it with noodles.

We then added the spinach to the sauce mixture afterward to make it easier to layer (we could have done this earlier). We repeated the process by adding another layer of meat sauce, sprinkling with cheese, and adding a noodle layer. We ran out of meat sauce at the top so we used plain tomato sauce on top covered with a thick layer of cheese.

We baked the lasgna covered with an aluminum foil tent for 45-50minutes.

The result of all of our efforts was a delicious lasagna that was meaty and very tasty. I personally loved this lasagna. It wasn't too dry or too wet and had a sweet tomato taste (thanks to ragu sauce and the onions I think). I personally like my noodles chewy so I prefer the ease and the chewiness of the express pasta. However, the edges were a little hard so if you like softer noodles I'd recommend taking the extra step to boil your own noodles.

Hey look - it's Bao!

What a delicious dinner - garlic bread and homemade lasagna!


Room for improvement:
- More garlic
- Ricotta cheese or cottage cheese
- Try with boiled noodles?

This was surprisingly tasty! I really didn't think it would taste as good as it did. So in terms of taste, ragu has really caught my attention because of the sweetness of the sauce. Good job team! I'm proud of us and our meaty lasagna! YAY. Oh and we didn't burn the garlic bread ;).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Orange Cupcakes and Lemon Cake

Birthday Cakies for Ian & David
Ally: This cooking event was reaaally last minute and random, sorry we didn't get around to askin everyone to come out. It was less a food brog thing and more a Cha Siu Baos thing, but we're including it here just for the heck of it. Woohoo, thanks Karen for being so accommodating! The kitchen was covered in all sorts of flour, sugar, and icing sugar afterwards, but it was all worth it!

Ally: These were the orange cupcakes with orange icing that we made for Ian. It was meant to be the ultimate orange buddy dessert, but from what I know Ian hasn't had a chance to eat them yet. He did however, eat all the orange candies on the top. The cupcake recipe we found online was actually really good, the cupcakes turned out nice, light, fluffy and yummy! The icing recipe, however, was a little too watery and I needed to put in almost 3x as much icing sugar to make it the right consistency. Needless to say, it was a bit on the sweet side.

Brad was my partner in crime! Good Job Brad! We *heart* you Ian Chan! You're our orange-buddy-ultimate-hero!

Karen: the Lemon Cake for David! Thanks to Brad for making the whipped cream and Ally for putting lemon slices on them. The yellow goop is lemon pudding! This was made using half the recipe and it turned out okay. I guessed the baking time would be 40 minutes since a full size one would take 60 minutes and it turned out alright. It was one spongey cake from what I could tell from the piece I nibbled.

The cake goes in the tupperware lid nicely for easy transport! I left the lemon jello out of the equation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the beginning of food brog

Hey people,

Karen and I were eating dinner and somehow the subject of creating a food blog to document our cooking club adventures came up. For some reason at the time neither of us could pronounce "blog" properly and kept calling it "brog", thus the name "food brog" was born. Yay, we now have a name for our cooking club :). We propose that whoever is in charge of the recipes for the day should be the one to write the blog later. All it needs is a couple sentences saying what it is, and if you feel like it, you could share any of the funny things that came up while trying to make it too. I'm pretty sure Karen will be taking the pics. That way we can all be contributors :) yay :)

There are still a zillion kinks to work out, and everything is still very up in the air, but over time I hope things will smooth out. For the most part there are three things we have to work on
  1. When to meet (frequency + day of the week + time)
  2. How many people to invite/have (at the moment there are more people in the club than can fit in a regular sized kitchen let alone the smaller sized kitchens that we tend to own, I'm thinking of having a sign up list each email regarding the next meeting and cap it at 6 people per meeting)
  3. Where to meet (we need to find available kitchens to meet in... I don't think Karen's should be the default every time because her brother will eventually come home and reoccupy the entire first floor)
We have however worked out that each meeting one member will have to bring a recipe for a main course and the rest of the group will help make it. Dessert is optional. We'll be taking turns so eventually everyone will get a chance to make what they want.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment here, so that the other food brog members can see and discuss accordingly.

I figured starting a food blog would also be good since Jess is leaving for Korea and won't be able to supervise all our disastrous cooking escapades, and this would be a good way for her to get a good laugh.